Forgotten Adventures Commercial Use Registration

Commercial License Info




If you are interested in selling products that are created with FA assets, you are going to need our Commercial License.

Commercial License allows you to use all of FA content in commercial products – Number of products you are allowed to sell/publish depends on your monthly cap/limit of the Merchant Tier.

How to obtain the license: 

    • Become a Merchant Tier ( minimum $20 ) patron of Forgotten Adventures.
    • Fill out the Commercial Use Registration Below
    • Wait until Patreon charges you for your Merchant Tier pledge.

More detailed info can be found here

Inappropriate-Content policy

Please don’t use our content to promote any hateful or disrespectful causes.
We reserve the right to take down any content that we deem inappropriate. 

Fan-Content policy – When you dont need the license

If you make content with FA assets that you are sharing for FREE – You can accept Donations without the need of the Commercial License!  

Including Patreon or Pay What You Want model on DriveThruRPG for example.

Only caveat is that the maps have to be free and accessible to the public, nothing behind a paywall, no exceptions (variants/gridless etc. behind a paywall for example) – Also proper credit is required in all instances.

This also includes Streaming and Prerecorded Video ( Twitch, YouTube etc.) as long as the videos themselves are not behind a paywall. Credit is still required – either with text on the screen or mentioned during the video + link to the website in the description.

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