FA Mapmaking Contest

    April – 2020  >>

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**Note: This contest is NOT sponsored or endorsed by ©Wizards of the Coast LLC., 
Paizo Inc.® or © CELSYS, Inc.*

Theme – Outdoors / Wilderness

Each Contest will have a specific Theme your map should be
based on, This Months theme is 
Outdoors / Wilderness

Keeping it simple and versatile this month 🙂
You can never have enough outdoorsy maps! Be it for random animal encounters,
bandit ambushes or some exploration gone wrong situations.

Can’t wait to see what you guys can come up with! ^_^

Detailed Rules:

    • Submission has to be a Battlemap made with Forgotten Adventure’s assets, textures and resources, you can modify them however you like.

>You Can Download Our Assets Here<<

    • You can use assets/textures etc from elsewhere (if you have rights to use them) or even draw your own! The majority of the map has to be created with Forgotten Adventures textures/assets.

      If the used Non-FA assets/textures don’t match the style/aesthetics and they make up large portion of the map it’ll be considered as a negative in the judging process.

      Example: Used Non-FA Textures covering 50%+ of your map with couple of our assets on top.

    • Submission are limited to 1 IMAGE FILE per person.
      If your battlemap features a Building with multiple floors for example, please put them all into a single picture.
    • Your Battlemap may be any size or orientation of your choosing. 
      But of course great looking map at around ~20x20sq will have a better chance at winning than super detailed 5×5 room or empty and bare 60×60 cave.
    • Submissions that are deemed offensive or inappropriate in any way will be automatically disqualified.
    • Maps submitted after the deadline will not be judged.

Finished Map Export Rules:

Finished Map has to be in JPG or JPEG format, maximum size of 35 Mb and Without Grid.

Recommended:     200 dpi  (1sq = 200×200 pixels)
Minimum:        140 dpi   (1sq = 140×140 pixels)

Quality Example:
20×20 Battlemap would have these dimensions
Recommended: 4000 x 4000 Pixels 
Minumum: 2800 x 2800 Pixels

File Name:

File Name Example:


Judging Process:

We will be focusing mainly on 2 Main factors when deciding the winners.

      • Aesthetics — The overall look and composition of your map
      • Game-play  — How fun your map would be to play in

Since we have a new Contest every month and we would like to Reward as many people as possible, Submissions by the Winners from the LAST month’s Contest wont be Judged (Can still be displayed in the “Runner Ups” section and available for other people to download)



The top three winners will each get a prize. There are four items available in the Prize Pool.
 All winners can choose one item from the Pool!
Meaning if 1st place winner chooses the Token,
the 2nd and 3rd place winners no longer lose that option. 

All winners can choose one Prize out of the 4 presented below:

1. Custom Medium Sized Token – Based on provided references

2. Handmade Dice Bag! (Only for US/Canada)
Made by Emily (Stahr) from Just Chasing Dragons on Etsy 

You can choose one from these Designs:


3. Tabletop RPG Book (D&D, Pathfinder etc.) of Your Choice (Max $50 Value)
Either in Digital (Beyond / Roll20 / Fantasy Grounds ) or Physical Version (Amazon).

4. Clip Studio Paint PRO – Lifetime License 
Our Recommended Digital Drawing Software for Mapmaking
We provide a lot of Mapmaking Brushes for it as well!


Winning (Top 3) and also Runner Up Maps will be displayed and available for download on our Website! 

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