Monthly Mapmaking Contest

**Note: This contest is NOT sponsored or endorsed by ©Wizards of the Coast LLC. or ©XPPen Technology CO.*


Detailed Rules:

    • Submission has to be a Battlemap made with Forgotten Adventure’s assets, textures and resources, you can modify them however you like.
      >>You Can Download Our Mapmaking Pack Here<<
    • You can use assets/textures etc from elsewhere (if you have rights to them) or even draw your own! But the majority of the assets used have to be from Forgotten Adventures.
    • 1 Submission per person.
    • There is No set Theme for this month, you may do whatever you want!
    • Your Battlemap may be any size or orientation of your choosing. 
      But of course great looking map at around ~20x20sq will have a better chance at winning than super detailed 5×5 room or empty and bare 60×60 cave.  
    • Finished map Export Quality:

Recommended:     200 dpi  (1sq = 200×200 pixels)
Minimum:                 140 dpi   (1sq = 140×140 pixels)

    • Tip: Our Assets are made at/for 200dpi scale, so when you create your canvas, set the Width/Height to Inches and put it at desired map size (20×20 for example) and set the Resolution to 200dpi, that way all the assets should be the right scale 🙂
    • Submissions that are deemed offensive or inappropriate in any way will be automatically disqualified.
    • Maps submitted after the deadline will not be judged.


Judging Process:


We will be focusing mainly on 2 Main factors when deciding the winners.

    • Aesthetics — The overall look and composition of your map
    • Gameplay  — How fun your map would be to play in



The top three maps will each get prizes. There are three prizes available for this contest.
The winner will get a  first pick from this prize pool , second place second pick, and third place will receive the remaining prize.

    1. Custom Medium Sized Token
      Based on provided references
      Token Examples
    2. XP-Pen Deco 01 Drawing Tablet 
    3. 5e D&D Book of Your Choice
      Either in Digital (Beyond / Roll20 ) or Physical Version.

Winning (Top 3) and also Runner Up Maps will be displayed in a new section on our Website!