FA Mapmaking Contest

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Theme: Homebase

Looking back, having a contest during holidays wasn’t the smartest idea πŸ˜€ so big thanks to everyone that found some time to make a map and participate, we really appreciate it!

The Battlemaps were judged by the from both the visual and gameplay point of view and You certainly didn’t make it easy for us to only choose 3 Winners, but after a lot of consideration we agreed on our favorites ^^

Congratulations to our Winners! Hope to see you all in our next contest in February!

Congratulations Midgardia!!

Overall very solid map, great execution, especially layout and lighting.

Feels very “realistic” and believable but from a gameplay perspective some rooms could be a bit bigger to allow some maneuverability if combat breaks out. Also I  wish the outdoors parts were a bit more detailed.

Congratulations Kallen!!

Visually great looking, some nice details here and there, even a bit of the outdoors around the Inn and there is enough space to move around in case of a combat encounter ^^

Only nitpicks are that the rooms without lighting could have a at least some shadows to add depth πŸ™‚

Congratulations Cehash!!

A very first submission we got for this contest and I was already pretty impressed!

I really like a different approach to a “Homebase” theme, pretty simple layout but very well executed and lighting is also very well done, great job. 

Some of the other impressive maps that were submitted for this contest can be found below πŸ™‚  Especially the Adventure Guild Hall by Mark McClatchy, the 1st place winner from November Contest, he really took the lighting to a next level πŸ™‚

He is not included in the Top 3 because we have a new Contest every month and we would like to Reward as many people as possible, Submissions by the Winners from the LAST month’s Contest were not Judged. 

Thank you all for participating! And we hope to see you in the Next Contest that we are prepping for February!

Runner Ups