FA Mapmaking Contest

<<  February – 2020  >>

Theme: Winter

Seems like we get more and more participants each time, so I would like to thank everyone that decided to participate! And we hope you’ll continue to do so! ^^ 

As always the Battlemaps were judged by the from both the visual and gameplay perspective, we got a bit of feedback that the “Winter” theme was a bit too restrictive since a lot of people just don’t have a use for a specific “Biome” in their campaigns, so we will do our best to restrain from using similar themes in the future. 

Congratulations to our Winners! Hope to see you all in our next contest!

Congratulations The Wizard!!

Pretty versatile map that could be used for an encounter with any number of creatures. 

The lighting is very basic and could definitely be improved but it’s executed well enough for the map not to feel flat. Also noticed couple of imperfections on cliffs and ridge endings that could be blended in a bit better ^^ 

Congratulations Cephandrius!!

Well, well, well,  If it ain’t the invisible Cephandrius… 
If it continues this way we will have the same winner every second competition πŸ˜€ Someone should challenge this guy already!

Great job all around, especially the lighting, the map stands out against the competition because of it. 
What could be improved is some more variation in the ground texture and the “waves” effect in the water. 

Congratulations Yweth!!

Very usable and versatile map for either exploration or an encounter. Good example what can be achieved by a good placement or raw assets and tiles. 

This map was put together in DPS without any sort of “post correction” or lighting additions, so I think it would greatly benefit from those – Time to switch to a better software! πŸ˜›

ALL maps that were submitted for this contest can be found below πŸ™‚  We would like to Reward as many people as possible, Submissions by the Winners from the LAST month’s Contest were not Judged. 

Thank you all for participating! And we hope to see you in the Next Contest that we are prepping!

Runner Ups