FA Mapmaking Contest

<<  March – 2020  >>

Theme: Lair / Hideout

Thank you to everyone who participated in this month’s contest!
We had a nice turnout and the quality of entries across the board was fantastic!
The Battlemaps were judged from both the visual and gameplay point of view.

I know we’ve said this in previous months, but once more we had a hard time picking just three winners!
You all really outdid yourselves and we really enjoyed seeing all of your fantastic creations. After much consideration we did settle on our three winners. But make sure to check out everyone else’s maps too!

Congratulations to our Winners! Hope to see you all in our next contest in April!

Congratulations Atropos!!

This map is a more subtle take on the “lair” theme, and that’s one of the things we really like about it! It’s not obviously for a villain, but that just makes it more versatile.

This map includes a lot of well done level changes, which are usually challenging to portray, nice job! 

The “inside-a-tree” effect is also really creative and well executed! There are some great details in all the different rooms and lots of opportunities for exploration, role-play, or fighting!

Congratulations Telarn!!

This map struck us as very classic villains lair!
We totally expect the owner of this place to have a collection of dramatic capes.

This map has got a lot going on in it to explore, with a lot of fun little details to find. (We personally loved the magical kitchen implements and magic broom!)

The multi colored lighting is well done and makes the whole thing even more dramatic. This seems like the sort of map players would have a blast fighting or exploring their way through!

Congratulations MithrilRoshi!!

Big maps can be really hard to pull off, but Mithril definitely did it with this one!

The layout on this map is really well done, and seems perfect for a big boss fight!
The platforms over the water look like they will make for some very interesting gameplay.

The cliffs flanking the lower rooms are also very creative, and do a great job at portraying elevation. We always love seeing you guys use assets in ways we never intended!

ALL maps that were submitted for this contest can be found below 🙂  We would like to Reward as many people as possible, Submissions by the Winners from the LAST month’s Contest were not Judged. 

Thank you all for participating! And we hope to see you in the Next Contest that we are prepping!

Runner Ups