We are now officially launched!  

There is still some work that needs to be done and I’ll do my best to improve on it as we go, hopefully with your feedback, but everything important should be fully functional 🙂

We have also created a “Complete” Mapmaking Pack that you can download from the website that contains ALL the assets,textures and tiles that we released so far reorganized into various categories and folders that we will honor from now on, so you can have everything in one giant library ^^

We have also created multiple Bundles of Tokens for easier download of older content.

I highly recommend downloading these bundles to replace older downloads as All the tokens got RENAMED to follow a more streamlined naming conventions, and changing “A,B,C….” Variants to  “01,02,03…”

All assets were also renamed so they are more “web-friendly”, removed all Spaces and such, no change there in the the variant naming because it would take too much time to rename all of the assets, but we will be using numbers from now on.

If you Login with Patreon on the website, or create an Account and then connect it to the Patreon.

A special “Patreon Download” Button will appear in all the paid products so you can download them for free more conveniently ^^   (
Older token packs are all included in the Token Bundles, so there is no individual Patreon Download for those as it would be a bit redundant)

As I said, I would love to hear your feedback and what we can improve, we also need to fill out the “FAQ” Section, and I’m not sure what we should do for the Homepage 😀

So if you have some suggestions and/or ideas please let us know either here in comments, on discord or through the contact form (top left)

I’ve been working on this non-stop for couple of weeks now so I hope you guys like it, I had no prior experience apart from like basic html from high school 😀 So this was great fun and very interesting learning experience 🙂


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