Clip Studio Brush Pack 10


We are constantly making new brushes for Clip Studio Paint that are immediately available for our Adventurer+ Patrons but as soon as we gather enough to justify a release, the Pack is released for everyone :)) The time has come again ^^

We’ve accumulated over 30 Mapmaking brushes again so it’s time to release them :))

This pack also contains new FA Autoactions v3.2 which includes new “Shadow” (2 & 5px) and “Drop Shadow” actions as well as “Move to center of View” action which helps tremendously with asset placement, drag your assets to the canvas, press the autoaction and they’ll be moved to where you are looking on the canvas, since the default is that they always appear in the center, I recommend binding this autoaction to a mouse or other hotkey 🙂

Also included in this pack is a clip file of “Light” which is a simple preconfigured group of layers that you can copy over to your map to create a lightsource ^_^

For those of you that don’t know what these brushes look like, I strongly recommend checking out our Brush Showcase Video to get the idea how powerful these are for Mapmaking.