Clip Studio Brush Pack 9


We are constantly making new brushes for Clip Studio Paint that are immediately available for our Adventurer+ Patrons but as soon as we gather enough to justify a release, the Pack is released for everyone :)) The time has come again ^^

We’ve accumulated over 30 Mapmaking brushes again so it’s time to release them :))

  • Cell Bars
  • Cell Bars Ribbon
  • Chain_4
  • Connectors Metal A/B/C/D
  • Fence_Wood_A
  • Wall_BrickWood A/B/C/D
  • Wall_Brick A/B/C
  • Wall_PlasterWood A/B/C/D/E/F
  • Wall_Solid A/B/C/D
  • Wall_StoneWood A/B/C/D
  • Wall_Wood A/B/C/D

For those of you that don’t know what these brushes look like, I strongly recommend checking out our Brush Showcase Video to get the idea how powerful these are for Mapmaking.