Who Are We?

My name is Peter ” Stryxin” Peko and I’m a passionate Artist / Content Creator / Dungeon Master, I’ve discovered Dungeons and Dragons in November 2016 and I immediately fell in love. I was making my own maps and sharing them with the community since I started DMing but in February 2018 I’ve decided to commit and create the content on regular basis, and the Forgotten Adventures was born!

My name is Grace Papadopoulos and I am an Artist and Dungeon Master. I started out making content for my own campaigns before Stryxin stumbled across me in September 2018 and we realized our drawing styles matched up really well. So now I am a proud Co-Creator for Forgotten Adventures! I focus mainly on humanoid tokens and battlemap layouts.

We started our journey here by creating Battlemaps, but have since branched out into many new directions!

We are currently focusing on creating Tile Sets, Asset Packs and other Resources that can be used for Map-making or otherwise enhance your gaming experience.