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About FA Battlemaps Project

The goal of this project is to produce high quality official Forgotten Adventures Battlemaps,
using exclusively FA assets.

We intend to provide you with a steady stream of content, but also showcase and hopefully serve as an inspiration for how FA assets and resources can be utilized.

Our focus is going to be on versatility – producing content that can be featured in almost any campaign. Random encounter or “Generic” maps, such as bridges, caves, crossroads or ambush sites depicted in various biomes and conditions will be a priority. However, some more specific standard maps or locations from official TTRPG adventures might make an appearance here and there 🙂

Standalone Team & Patreon page

The type, quality and quantity of content that we wanted to produce and just overall scope of this project wasn’t something that we could fit into the busy schedules of our Asset & Token artists, so we’ve decided to employ a new standalone team of talented cartographers that can dedicate all their time to mapmaking and creating content for this project.

Based on these facts, to help support and fund our Battlemaps Team a new separate, standalone Patreon page for the “FA Battlemaps” project was created.

You’ll have to support FA Battlemaps Patreon to get access to FA Battlemaps exclusive content.
You can check all the available tiers and sign up here!

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