Twin Stone Bridge [27×39]


“Approaching the Twin Stone Bridge, an air of dread begins to take hold. A great gorge is veiled in the uncertainty of an eerie mist, the cliff’s rocky edges simply vanishing into the haze. The bridge itself, of ancient design and mysterious origin, seems to hold the two cliffs together, straining against the chasm’s yawning fissure, its weathered stone solemn, determined, defiant.
The air is damp and heavy with the scent of earth, while distant birdcalls are drowned by the howling of the wind ripping through the mountains. Customize and adapt the map to suit your adventure’s needs, and make your combat and social encounters diverse and engaging!”

A 27×39 Story and Encounter Map, the Twin Stone Bridge contains three hidden tiles. One of these tiles, when activated, removes the entire bridge from the scene, leaving only the waiting mouth of the chasm and forcing adventurers to seek another means of crossing. A second tile, once triggered, activates a colossal nest constructed of fallen trees and the pilfered remains of ruined wagons, a trio of giant eggs resting at its heart.
The third tile adds a makeshift outpost to the middle of the bridge, its rudimentary wooden barricades manned by mysterious guardians who control the passage, providing an opportunity for conflict and intrigue for those who wish to cross.

We hope you enjoy the map and thanks for your continued support!
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