I’ve found myself answering the same questions over and over on our Discord or in the Direct messages lately. There seems to be an increasing number of people that are somewhat confused about how and where to get our content, or what’s the easiest way, what do they get for supporting us on Patreon etc.

This post is going to serve as a “Master Post” that’s containing all the information you need and also answering all the questions you might have. If your question is not covered here, please feel free to ask in the comments below this post on patreon so we can answer and everyone else can get the answers easily as well πŸ™‚

Where & How to get our Assets – Free:

Complete Mapmaking Pack – All of our Mapmaking Assets in one place

Our Complete Mapmaking Pack contains ALL of our mapmaking Assets, Textures & Tile Sets and also CSP brushes that’ve we’ve released so far.

All of our Mapmaking assets are available for FREE and you don’t need to be a patron to access them.

This Pack is always updated with new content as soon as we release it.

It’s available in 2 formats:

1. Standard ZIP – download and then update yourself with new releases.
2. Google Drive – Live Gallery

The Live Gallery is basically a Google Drive folder synced directly to my PC, that way it’s always up to date, new assets and tokens are uploaded as soon as we release them!  

And since it’s hosted on Google Drive, you can download the whole Gallery or just some part of it at any time.

Dungeondraft Integration – Patron only:

All of our Assets are also converted and available for Dungeondraft in prepackaged Dungeondraft Packs ready to be loaded in – These are Patron Only (any tier). 

Dungeondraft Integration Post – More info and Download all the DD packs

Where & How to get our Tokens

You can find all our available token packs here:  https://www.forgotten-adventures.net/tokens 

Free Tokens – 1 Variant per Creature/Token

We provide 1 variant of all of our Tokens for Free.

Each Token Pack and Token Bundle has a “Download Free Version” Button which will let you download all Free Tokens (1 variant) from that Pack/Bundle.

Each Token is usually available in 3+ color variants which are available to download for our Patrons. 

All Color variants – Patron Only (Any Tier):

As an Active Patron, You can Login to our website with Patreon in the top right corner and Download each pack with all color variants for no additional cost by clicking the “Patreon Download” button: 

When you are successfully logged in with Patreon, “Login with Patreon” in the top right corner of the website will change to “βœ“ Connected to Patreon“:

Token “Clip” Files – Explorer Tier (10$) Only

We use Clip Studio Paint Software to create our Asset, Tokens and Maps.

With Explorer Tier you get access to the “CLIP” Files of our Tokens (Similar to PSD files for Photoshop), that you can edit, poke around in or make your own color variants πŸ™‚

You can find the Token Clip Files here – Explorer Tier Only 

FREE Tokens – 1 Variant of All of our Tokens are also available for Free

You can Download FREE Version of each pack with 1 variant per creature/token. By clicking the “Download Free Version” button. 

You wont get any Extra tokens by becoming a patron, only variants. We are providing majority of our content for free, including tokens so even people that cant afford to support can use them ^_^ 

Where & How to get our Battlemaps

You can find all our available Battlemaps here: https://www.forgotten-adventures.net/battlemaps/

High Res, Gridless & PDF Versions and Other Variants – Patron Only

As an Active Patron, You can Login to our website with Patreon in the top right corner and Download each Battlemap with all color variants for no additional cost by clicking the ” Patreon Download” buttons:

Battlemap “Clip” Files – Scholar Tier (3$)+ Only

We use Clip Studio Paint Software to create our Asset, Tokens and Maps.  With Scholar Tier you get access to the “CLIP” Files of our Battlemaps (Similar to PSD files for Photoshop), that you can edit & poke around in πŸ™‚  

You can find the Battlemap Clip Files here – Scholar+ Tier Only 

FREE Battlemaps – Gridded & Lower Resolution

You can Download FREE Version of each map – 1 variant, Gridded and Lower Resolution by clicking the “Free Download” button in each map on the website. 

We are hosting regular Mapmaking Contests which you can join to win some nice prizes ^_^ and also Giveaways of various things like TTRPG Books, Graphics and Mapmaking Software and also Video Games πŸ™‚

Mapmaking Contests info: https://www.forgotten-adventures.net/contest
Active Giveaways can be found here: https://www.forgotten-adventures.net/giveaways 

If you look above – 90% of our content is Free and you don’t have to be a Patron to access it.  Our goal is to produce high quality, versatile, and inclusive assets that are accessible to everyone.

If you enjoy our content and would like to support our work you can become a Patron and get some interesting perks by supporting us ^_^

Scribe – $1 per Creation 

      • Access to All previously released content
      • Dungeondraft Integration
      • Color Variants for each Token.
      • High-res (200dpi) Maps.
      • Map Variants (Gridless, Night Time etc.)

Scholar – $3 per Creation 

Adventurer – $5 per Creation 

      • All rewards from previous tiers.
      • Early Access to All Content – Google Drive Folder where we upload everything as soon as it’s finished, before it’s packed for a release.

Explorer – $10 per Creation 

Access to all previously released content’ means as soon as you sign up as a patron you gain access to our entire back-catalogue for your tier.

You are only charged for the new releases while you are a patron.

If you join the Scholar (3$) tier for example, you would be charged one time at the beginning of the next month, 3$ for each pack we released the previous month.

We make 3-5 releases a month, but you can cap the number of releases you support during sign up (ex. you could cap at 2 releases, and would be charged 6$.)

Capping the number of releases you support does not effect your access to content. Someone who caps at 1 and pays  3$/month gets the same content as someone who doesn’t cap and pays ~12$. Access to the back-catalogue is likewise not effected by capping.


All content produced by Forgotten Adventures is property of Forgotten Adventures and is Copyright 2021 Forgotten Adventures. All Rights Reserved.

You can use, share, or modify our free content as long as you adhere to the following rules,

1. You cannot use our content commercially.
2. Credit must be given to Forgotten Adventures as the author, and a link to our web page (https://www.forgotten-adventures.net) must be included if it is shared, modified or redistributed. 

How to properly Credit: 

If you are sharing content made with FA assets, You are required to credit us (Forgotten Adventures) and link to our Website ( https://www.forgotten-adventures.net/ ) in your publication.

Proper credit should look something like this:  
“This Map was created using the Assets from Forgotten Adventures
“Assets used to create this map are from Forgotten Adventures
β€œTokens used in this stream are from Forgotten Adventuresβ€œ

    •  Credit doesn’t have to be directly on the map itself. If it’s a single map shared on reddit or somewhere else – Credit in comments or in the description will suffice. 
    • For Streaming/Video Content – a link to the website must be included in the description of the stream or video, and you must either include text on the screen or verbally mention credit during the video.
    • For Adventures and such – in “credits” section and/or under/next to the map

Fan-Content Policy – When you don’t need the Commercial License:

If you make content with FA assets that you are sharing for FREE – You can accept Donations without the need of the Commercial License!  

Including Patreon or Pay What You Want model on DriveThruRPG for example.

Shared products have to be free and accessible to the public, nothing behind a paywall, no exceptions (variants/gridless etc. behind a paywall for example) – Also proper credit is required in all instances.

Token Use
Any unedited tokens that are to be included must be the free variants only, and must be part of a larger product. That means if you are making a module or writing an adventure you can use the free color variants of tokens – just within reason – e.g. Don’t package 20 tokens with a single map, and don’t package the entire SRD in a single adventure. If you are not sure about a particular use case, please contact us.

Software Integration
Fan Content Policy and Commercial Use do not cover integration of our assets or tokens into software products. If you are developing a software and you would like to include our assets or tokens in your software product you must contact us at  [email protected] to see if it is possible to arrange for a specific custom license. 

Streaming and Prerecorded Video
The Fan-Content Policy also includes Streaming and Prerecorded Video ( Twitch, YouTube etc.) as long as the videos themselves are not behind a paywall. You may use any color variants for tokens visible in streaming and video. Credit is still required – a link to the website must be included in the description of the stream or video, and you must either include text on the screen or verbally mention credit during the video.

Commercial Use:

Commercial License is tied to our Merchant (20$) tier as of now, please check out detailed Commercial License Information here.

  • Q: What are you working on? Upcoming packs/schedule?
    A:  We usually don’t plan too much into the future. We decide on what we are working on on month-to-month basis, but we have a Trello “Roadmap” that we try to keep up to date πŸ™‚
  • Q: Do you take Commissions / Requests / Suggestions?
    A: We don’t take Commissions or Requests, our hands are full with our standard Patreon releases. You can submit your suggestions to our #Suggetion-box channel on our Discord. 
  • Q: Will you do X Asset Pack?
    A: If it’s Fantasy/Medieval related – probably yes.
  • Q: When Will you do X Asset Pack?
    A: No idea. When we feel like it.
  • Q: How do I join your Discord?
    A: Click here > Join Link
  • Q: I’m a Patron but I don’t have a role on your Discord, why?
    A: Roles are handled by a bot, you need to connect Discord to your Patreon account, click here to learn how. 
  • Q: Why is this new Asset pack not available for Dungoendraft yet? Will it be available?
    A: Because it came out couple hours ago and we didn’t have a chance to convert it yet. Yes, when we are done with the conversion.
  • Q: What software do you recommend for mapmaking?
    A: We use Clip Studio Paint for all our Maps, Assets & Tokens
  • Q: Are your brushes available for Photoshop/Gimp/etc.?
    A: No.  The reason why we are using CSP over any other software is because it has superior brush customization.
  • Q: What size grid and image resolution do you use for your assets/tokens/maps?
    A: All of our Assets and Maps are drawn and scaled for 200x200px per grid square at 200ppi/dpi resolution.  Tokens are Double that – 400x400px per grid square at 400ppi/dpi.
  • Q: Do you have any tutorials?
    A: Yes – We have a tutorial on how to achieve our Art style when creating Assets which can be found here:   https://www.forgotten-adventures.net/styleguide/
    We plan on adding more tutorials in the future.
  • Q: Where else can I find you?
    A:  Roll20 Marketplace, Discord, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook