I’ve found myself answering the same questions over and over on our Discord or in the Direct messages lately. There seems to be an increasing number of people that are somewhat confused about how and where to get our content, or what’s the easiest way, what do they get for supporting us on Patreon etc.

This post is going to serve as a “Master Post” that’s containing all the information you need and also answering all the questions you might have. If your question is not covered here, please feel free to ask in the comments below this post on patreon so we can answer and everyone else can get the answers easily as well 🙂

Where & How to get our Assets:

Complete Mapmaking Pack – All of our Mapmaking Assets in one place
Our Complete Mapmaking Pack contains ALL of our mapmaking Assets, Textures & Tile Sets in standalone PNG file format, that’ve we’ve released so far.

Mapmaking Pack is always updated with new content as soon as we release it.

You can also browse, preview and download individual assets in our Live Gallery. The Live Gallery contains all our FREE  Assets and Tokens.

We are also making Clip Studio Paint Mapmaking Brushes which you can find here.  

All of our Mapmaking assets (PNG format) and CSP brushes are available for FREE and you don’t need to be a patron to access them.  

pCloud Sync / Live Libraries – Webp Format & Automatic updates

Exception are our Live Libraries on pCloud which are only available to Adventurer Tier ($5) or higher supporters and offer automatic updates and Assets / Tokens in Webp format.

Dungeondraft Integration – Patron only:

All of our Assets are also converted and available for Dungeondraft in prepackaged Dungeondraft Packs ready to be loaded in – These are Patron Only (any tier). 

Dungeondraft Integration Post – More info and Download all the DD packs

Where & How to get our Tokens:

You can find all our available token packs here:  https://www.forgotten-adventures.net/tokens 

To get all the Tokens released so far, download all Token Bundles + Any pack that is not bundled yet.

All Color variants – Patron Only (Any Tier):

As an Active Patron, You can Login to our website with Patreon in the top right corner and Download each pack with all color variants for no additional cost by clicking the “Patreon Download” button.

When you are successfully logged in with Patreon, “Login with Patreon” in the top right corner of the website will change to “✓ Connected to Patreon“:

pCloud Sync / Live Libraries – Webp Format & Automatic updates

Other option are our Live Libraries on pCloud which are only available to Adventurer Tier ($5) or higher supporters and offer automatic updates, and also Tokens/Assets in Webp format.

FREE Tokens – 1 Variant of All of our Tokens are also available for Free

You can Download FREE Version of each pack with 1 variant per creature/token. By clicking the “Download Free Version” button. 

You wont get any Extra tokens by becoming a patron, only variants. We are providing majority of our content for free, including tokens so even people that cant afford to support can use them ^_^ 

Token “Clip” Files – Explorer Tier (10$) Only

We use Clip Studio Paint Software to create our Asset, Tokens and Maps.

With Explorer Tier you get access to the “CLIP” Files of our Tokens (Similar to PSD files for Photoshop), that you can edit, poke around in or make your own color variants 🙂

You can find the Token Clip Files here – Explorer Tier Only 

Where & How to get our Battlemaps

You can find all our available Battlemaps here: https://www.forgotten-adventures.net/battlemaps/

Standalone Team & Patreon page

The type, quality and quantity of content that we wanted to produce and just overall scope of this project wasn’t something that we could fit into the busy schedules of our Asset & Token artists, so we’ve decided to employ a new standalone team of talented cartographers that can dedicate all their time to mapmaking and creating content for this project.

Based on these facts, to help support and fund our Battlemaps Team a new separate, standalone Patreon page for the “FA Battlemaps” project was created.

You’ll have to support FA Battlemaps Patreon to get access to FA Battlemaps exclusive content.
You can check all the available tiers and sign up here!

As an Active FA Battlemaps Patron, You can Download each Battlemap by clicking the appropriate Tier Download button.

FREE Battlemaps – Gridded & Lower Resolution

You can Download FREE Version of each map – 1 variant, Gridded and Lower Resolution by clicking the “Free Download” button in each map on the website. 

Legacy Battlemaps

Legacy battlemaps are old maps released under the “main” FA patreon.

If you look above – 90% of our content is Free and you don’t have to be a Patron to access it.  Our goal is to produce high quality, versatile, and inclusive assets that are accessible to everyone.

If you enjoy our content and would like to support our work you can become a Patron and get some interesting perks by supporting us ^_^

Wanderer – $5 per Creation


Adventurer – $7 per Creation

    • All rewards from previous tier.
    • pCloud Sync for Assets, Tokens, Early Access and Dungeondraft packs


Explorer – $10 per Creation 

Sugar Goblin – $20 per Creation 

    • All rewards from previous tiers.
    • Exclusive Explorer’s League Channel on Discord

Per Creation Model Explained:

You are not charged anything immediately after sign-up! You only pay for New Content.

While you are an Active Patron, you’ll receive a pending bill for each New Paid Release/Post on Patreon. Pending bills are paid at the end of each month/beginning of next or when you cancel your pledge.

We have 3-5 releases a month, but you can cap the number of releases you support during sign up (ex. you could cap at 2 releases, and would be charged 10$.)

Capping the number of releases you support does not effect your access to content. Someone who caps at 1 and pays 5$/month gets the same content as someone who doesn’t cap and pays ~25$. Access to the back-catalogue is likewise not effected by capping.

For more details and some examples, you can visit this Patreon Support Article.


The full License Agreement can be found here.

By accessing, downloading, modifying, distributing, or otherwise using any of our image files, maps, tokens, or other artwork, you are signifying that you understand, accept, and agree to all of the provisions of this Agreement.  Yes, even if you didn’t read it!!!

All ownership, right, title, and interest in and to the Assets and Tokens belong to Forgotten Adventures. Our Assets and Tokens are protected under copyright law and international copyright treaties.

This license is attached to all of our files and also to all derivative works containing image files, maps, tokens or other artwork created by Forgotten Adventures. 

Simplified / Readable version of the license

Below is a simplified summary of the License Agreement, only touching on the base points, Credit, and Fan-Content sections of the license (sharing content for free).

Receiving any compensation in exchange for your products is considered Commercial Use (Exception being donations detailed in Fan-Content Policy below). Which requires a Commercial License.

If you are interested in commercial use, firstly, read the full document.
Then you can fill out the Commercial Use Application.

This simplified version is in no way legally binding and you are advised to read the full legally binding document linked above for all the License details.

———— Simplified Summary ————

Forgotten Adventures owns all of our own work. The Forgotten Adventures license agreement lets you know what you are and aren’t allowed to do with our work.

You are allowed to do the following so long as you properly credit Forgotten Adventures:

    • Create and distribute derivative works made with our content as Products for free under the fan-content license, or commercially under the commercial license
      • A derivative work is something that is substantially different from our existing Assets and Tokens. Resulting work has to be substantially modified, remixed, Kitbashed, or otherwise altered work, made by you, based on one or more of Forgotten Adventure’s Assets or Tokens.

You are not allowed to:

    • Redistribute our unmodified assets, tokens, or other artwork
    • Create and distribute physical products made from our artwork
    • Copy, distribute, modify, display, or use in any way outside personal use, any maps made by us
    • Embed assets, tokens, or derivative works into mapmaking software, virtual table top programs, video games, or any other software programs

Proper Credit:

When displaying or distributing a Product, you are required to give proper credit to Forgotten Adventures.

At minimum, you must include a link to www.forgotten-adventures.net and a statement like “maps were created using assets from Forgotten Adventures,” or “tokens used in this stream were obtained from Forgotten Adventures” or something similar.

Posted Items. 
For Products that are posted online, you may put the credits on the Product directly, or in the Product description.  For something like a Reddit post, this might be done in the thread title or the initial comment.

For streaming or pre-recorded videos, you must include the link to www.forgotten-adventures.net in the video description.  The “tokens used in this stream were obtained from Forgotten Adventures” language may either be in the video description or stated orally at some point during the first 2 minutes of the video.

Trademark Usage. 
When giving us credit in a video or Product description, you may display our logo onscreen.  However, you must display the logo exactly as it appears on our website.  You are not allowed to add anything to, remove anything from, recolor, or otherwise modify our logo or any part of it.  Using our name or logo does not give you any rights to them.  Additionally, our name and logo should never appear directly on your map.

No Endorsement. 
When crediting us, you must not do anything that would falsely suggest, whether expressly or impliedly, that we in any way approve, sponsor, are affiliated with, or are otherwise connected to you, your Products, or any of your other activities.


Simply put, a Product is anything that includes one or more derivative works, and is distributed as a unit (one map released separately, or bundle of several maps released together), and is intended for use as part of a tabletop-top role-playing game.

Products restrictions

    • Map bundles may not contain more than [20] Unique Maps.
    • Pre-Packaged Adventures may not contain more than [1] Unique Map plus [1] additional Unique Map per [650] words of text.
    • In a Pre-Packaged Adventure, you may include [1] Tokens per [325] words of written text.
    • Except as otherwise stated elsewhere in the Agreement, Tokens may not be distributed on their own.

Fan-Content License

If you are interested in distributing derivative works you have made for free, you can do so under the Fan-Content License. When we say “for free” we mean that you make the entirety of your Product freely available to everyone, with no portion behind any paywalls. In short, as long as you make your Product freely available to everyone then you may distribute your Product without any payment to us.

All the restrictions and terms mentioned above, and detailed in the license agreement still apply.

Products released under Fan-Content License can not be used commercially. This means you can’t gift a Product to someone for free, and then they sell it for money.

Further Fan-Content Details:

You are allowed to include your Products in live-streamed or recorded videos (e.g. Twitch, YouTube) as long as none of those videos are behind a paywall of any sort.  (Other videos, ones that don’t include any Products, are allowed to be behind a paywall.)

Regardless of what we said above, you are allowed to accept donations (e.g. Twitch subscriptions) and receive advertising money (e.g. YouTube ad revenue, sponsored videos) connected to your use of Products, up to a total of $2000 per Month, so long as the content itself may be accessed for free.

If your earnings go above that threshold, you’ll have to apply for commercial use – as with everything, this is detailed in the full document.

Distribution of Tokens.  
Under the Fan-Content License you may create and distribute Kitbashed or recolored Tokens on their own as long as:

    • You are using only Tokens that we distribute for free;  and
    • For recolors, your recoloring is to a color that we don’t currently offer (regardless of whether we charge for it or offer it for free).

Commercial Licenses

Receiving any compensation in exchange for your products is considered Commercial Use (Exception being donations as detailed in Fan-Content License). Which requires a Commercial License.

If you are interested in commercial use, firstly, read the full license agreement.
Then you can fill out the Commercial Use Application. 

Additional Things

Non-Exclusive Rights. We are constantly making new Assets, Tokens, and other items, including both brand new things and modifications and reworkings of our own past works. We don’t plan to copy anything that you make, but similarities may be inevitable.

By utilizing the license, you give up any right to sue us for releasing any Assets, Tokens, or other items that resemble yours, and, to the extent necessary, you give us license to create, distribute, modify, and publicly display and perform your Derivative Works.

License Duration, Modification, and Termination. The License lasts forever, until it gets terminated. We have the right to update, add to, subtract from, and otherwise modify the License Agreement as well as terminate the License under certain conditions. Such as Offensive Content, Breach of the License, Non-Payment, or At Will. All detailed in the full License Agreement document.

Again, this simplified version is in no way legally binding and you are advised to read the full legally binding document linked above for all the License details.

If after reading through the Forgotten Adventures License Agreement you determine you want to use Assets, Tokens, or Derivative Works in any way not allowed by the license agreement, then reach out to us at [email protected] to discuss a separate, unique license for your use case. Please be aware that we are very selective when setting up individual agreements. We have written our license with its current restrictions for a reason, and in general we don’t prefer to deviate from it much.

  • Q: What are you working on? Upcoming packs/schedule?
    A:  We usually don’t plan too much into the future. We decide on what we are working on on month-to-month basis, but we have a Trello “Roadmap” that we try to keep up to date 🙂
  • Q: Do you take Commissions / Requests / Suggestions?
    A: We don’t take Commissions or Requests, our hands are full with our standard Patreon releases. You can submit your suggestions to our #Suggetion-box channel on our Discord. 
  • Q: Will you do X Asset Pack?
    A: If it’s Fantasy/Medieval related – probably yes.
  • Q: When Will you do X Asset Pack?
    A: No idea. When we feel like it.
  • Q: How do I join your Discord?
    A: Click here > Join Link
  • Q: I’m a Patron but I don’t have a role on your Discord, why?
    A: Roles are handled by a bot, you need to connect Discord to your Patreon account, click here to learn how. 
  • Q: Why is this new Asset pack not available for Dungoendraft yet? Will it be available?
    A: Because it came out couple hours ago and we didn’t have a chance to convert it yet. Yes, when we are done with the conversion.
  • Q: What software do you recommend for mapmaking?
    A: We use Clip Studio Paint for all our Maps, Assets & Tokens
  • Q: Are your brushes available for Photoshop/Gimp/etc.?
    A: No.  The reason why we are using CSP over any other software is because it has superior brush customization.
  • Q: What size grid and image resolution do you use for your assets/tokens/maps?
    A: All of our Assets and Maps are drawn and scaled for 200x200px per grid square at 200ppi/dpi resolution.  Tokens are Double that – 400x400px per grid square at 400ppi/dpi.
  • Q: Do you have any tutorials?
    A: Yes – We have couple which can be found in the top
    We plan on adding more tutorials in the future.
  • Q: Where else can I find you?
    A:  Roll20 Marketplace, Discord, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook