Yuletide Lodge [27×35]


Beneath the winter-kissed boughs of towering evergreens, a snow-laden path winds toward a substantial dwelling in the heart of the forest. The scent of pine and crisp snow guides the way, leading to a warmly lit haven where laughter and the jingle of bells beckon.

Inside, the grand hall reveals a luxurious retreat, adorned with opulent wooden furnishings, and at its center, a circular oasis of grass cradles a lavishly decorated Christmas tree, casting a festive spell over the gathered guests. The air is an enchanting blend of evergreen, spiced treats, and the joyous notes of celebration, creating a haven that transcends the winter chill, immersing all in the magic of the season.

27×35 Encounter and story map, Yuletide Lodge.
Within this wintry haven, a few specialized tiles add intriguing twists to your narrative. You hold the power to remove the gifts beneath the adorned tree, as if pilfered by an unseen hand, or transform the once festive fir into a mundane evergreen, ready to be adorned anew. Alternatively, the option arises to replace the tree entirely with lush green grass, altering the very essence of the celebration space.

For a touch of mischief, envision a fallen Christmas tree, its decorations shattered on the floor—a deliberate act of sabotage that challenges the joyous atmosphere. Moreover, the abundant light tiles cast a warm glow, enveloping the surroundings in a cozy ambiance, fostering an atmosphere of comfort and holiday cheer.
These dynamic tiles allow you to shape the festive tableau, ensuring that each step unveils new dimensions to the celebration within the winter-kissed forest.

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