Old Guard Post [20×20]


**Perched on the edge of a jagged cliff, a ruined guard post stand defiant against the relentless ocean below. It’s crumbling stone walls, weathered by time and the salt-laden winds, frame the desolate structure. Ivy and sea grass creeps through the cracks, reclaiming the forsaken bastion. Waves crash mercilessly against the rock face, sending up plumes of spray, the constant roar echoing through the empty watchtower**

Adding another map to collection, introducing the ‘Old Guard Post’! Now host to some bandits who now take watch on its crumbling remains. Your party could take a direct approach but those more attentive might find a way to sneak in via the caves or dangerously climb the vines to ruined roof of the watch tower to ambush from above!

We have a number of variants for this map, The old guard post, with each of its floors, while the caverns underneath with some ramshackle caves can be emptied if you want to use it for a sea monsters lair. You could have a dramatic scene on the cliffs with the crashing waves belows at the Grave for a gloried Swordmaster, or just an open encounter with just the cliffside itself.

We hope you enjoy the map and thank you for the continued support!

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