Dungeon of Torment [46×58]


In the bowels of these forsaken realms, malevolance seeps through the halls of the Dungeons of Torment, the agonising wails of those that dare enter etched forever into its structure.
The nauseating stench of decay and rusted iron assualts the senses, and a grotesgue tableau of torture line its walls. Rusted chains dangle overhead, their cruel hooks bearing the scars of there previous victims. The floor slick with the sickening mixture of ichor and gore, there only remnants.

Introducing our new map ‘The Dungeon of Torment’ With the new themed assets, We’ve created a dungeon to show it all off and to gross out your players with. Coming in at 46×58, its looping unsettling hallways should hopefully offer up a deadly slice of exploration.
The dungeon itself a mixture of grisly torture devices and cruel experimentations. While a river of blood flows through the attached caves. The dumping grounds of its countless victims all centered round a profane ritual chamber hoisted by rusted chains.

We’ve included a few tiles to interact with as well as a blank version so you can decorate its rooms however you wish!

We hope you enjoy the map and thanks for your continued support!

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