The Gully [22×16]


Our new map pack The Gully! This pack features 5 unique versions of a gully, each with its own unique environment and terrain.
First, we have the Lava Gully, complete with flowing lava and dangerous terrain. Next, we have the Volcanic Gully without lava, perfect for those who want to focus on the rugged terrain.
For those looking for a more desolate landscape, we have the Barren Gully and The Desert Red Rock Gully is perfect for those who want to experience a harsh, unforgiving desert environment.
Last but not least, we have the Underwater Gully, to take your players on an underwater adventure!
This map pack is completely free of charge and included in our Foundry Module! We hope that these maps will enhance your gaming experience and add new challenges to your battles. Thank you for your continued support!

This is a FREE release All variants and Overlay tiles included

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