Eternal Vale Cemetery & Crypt [25×24]


“You find yourself standing in a solemn graveyard, where the scent of earth and freshly turned soil mingles with the faint mustiness of the surrounding tombstones. The air is heavy with a sense of reverence, punctuated by the mournful cawing of ravens perched on the leafless branches of two towering trees. A subtle, eerie mist cloaks the ground, while a chilling breeze sends shivers down your spine, making the descent into the small crypts with their winding staircases below seem even more foreboding.
As you explore further, you come across the small mausoleums with their staircases that lead you down into an oppressive darkness. The air inside is thick and heavy, and your senses are overwhelmed by the stench of ancient decay. Rows upon rows of sarcophagi line the underground chambers, each holding the remains of once-important figures, their silent presence filling the space with a weighty aura.
In stark contrast to the grandeur of these burial chambers, you notice a vast expanse of hallowed ground where the bones of the common folk are laid to rest. The earth here seems to resonate with the collective memories of those who came before, creating an eerie and unsettling atmosphere. The darkness surrounds you, and you can’t help but feel a sense of unease as you continue your exploration in this haunting and solemn place.

Two 25×24 Story and encounter Maps: Eternal Vale Cemetery and Eternal Vale Crypt. You can use them together to create two levels for one location or separately as independent maps.

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