The Hag Tree [25×35]



**As one ventures deeper into the heart of the forest, the oppressive gloom becomes palpable, weighing down on the soul like a leaden shroud. Trees thick with webs that hang from every branch loom overhead, creating a gauzy veil that shrouds the forest, obscuring the horrors that lie within.

At its center stands the home of the fearsome hag, carved into the hollow remnants of an ancient tree, its gnarled branches breaking high above the canopy like a wretched claw. Its twisted roots form a tangled mass that winds through the earth like a serpent, coiling around the bodies of those who have drawn its residents’ wrath.**

Introducing our new map, the Hag Tree! We hope this 25×35 map is perfect for all your dark and twisted adventures.

The Hag Tree itself is the centerpiece of this map, with twisted roots that coil tightly around the decaying corpses of those who dared to cross its path. Its macabre interior is perfect for the home of a classic monster.

But that’s not all! We have also included two variants of the Hag Tree map. The first is a more standard ancient forest, perfect for any campaign set in a dark and mysterious woodland. The second is a more mystical variant, ideal for a more twisted, fey-like forest.

To make this map even more versatile and replayable, we have also included a set of tiles that you can use to modify and change the map even further. With these tiles, you can create a clearing, add extra copses of trees to turn the map into a twisting maze, or even create a bubbling lake of acid that will challenge your players like never before.

We hope you enjoy the map!

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