Townside Hedge Park [37×32]


**Welcome to Townside Hedge Park map measuring 37×29, a serene and charmingly rustic escape from the bustling city beyond. The circular path is lined with blooming flowers and bushes, creating a picturesque scene around the central fountain and benches. Lush green areas with trees and more bushes offer privacy and seclusion. The park is filled with the sweet aroma of flowers, and the sounds of birds chirping and water splashing in the fountain create a peaceful atmosphere.
As you wander further from the center of the park, a statue of a warrior catches your eye on a nearby sidewalk. Surrounding the statue are a few scattered flowers left by those who remember him. The area around the statue is well-maintained, adding a touch of elegance to the charmingly rustic surroundings. Despite being on the outskirts of the city, this park feels rejuvenated and alive, offering a peaceful respite from the bustle of urban life.**
37×29 Encounter and story map, Townside Hedge Park! The fountain can be replaced with a statue of an ancient hero or left as an empty space. All of the lanterns in the park can be lit, creating a peaceful ambiance. Beware, though, as the outer bushes may be armed with dangerous vines and thorns, which can serve as opponents or as a warning to stay on the designated paths.
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