Midnight Gaol [21×20] & Gloomy Lockup [33×16]


21×20 Encounter and story map, Midnight Gaol. The prison is equipped with various light tiles, strategically placed to alleviate the pervasive darkness within the grim walls.
In the standalone upper-left room, versatility is key. This chamber can be transformed into a VIP cell for particularly important prisoners, a storage space laden with confiscated dangerous items and evidence, or simply left vacant. In each variation, a secret passage can be discreetly integrated, known only to those with the keenest of eyes or the most cunning of intentions.
Additionally, players may face the risk of entrapment, as a well-placed tile allows for the strategic collapse of the entrance, creating an unexpected obstacle and heightening the tension within the confined space. These tiles provide the means to craft intricate narratives and challenge the players with unforeseen twists in their quest for escape or discovery.
33×16 Encounter and story map, Gloomy Lockup.
The compact prison layout is supplemented with versatile tiles, introducing opportunities for dynamic map alterations. Specific tiles enable the discreet excavation of clandestine passages from most cells, offering an avenue for a covert escape. Alternatively, a more direct approach involves employing tiles to forcefully breach the walls, creating an exit strategy for the incarcerated.
Additional tiles contribute to the unfolding narrative, transforming the environment. Some tiles introduce a pervasive layer of cobwebs and cocoons, evidence of the lurking spider’s victims. Another tile signifies the presence of a colossal deceased arachnid, adding an element of both horror and intrigue. Strategically placed tiles can seal off the cavern exit, rendering it an enclosed space.
Conversely, a tile expands the cave, introducing an additional chamber and altering the spatial dynamics of the subterranean realm. These tiles serve as essential tools for crafting a multi-faceted narrative within the prison’s confines.

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Midnight Gaol - Squire ($5 Tier) Rewards

Gloomy Lockup - Squire ($5 Tier) Rewards

Midnight Gaol - Knight ($10 Tier) Rewards

Gloomy Lockup - Knight ($10 Tier) Rewards

Battlesmith ($15 Tier) Rewards - Foundry Module Midnight Gaol - Free Download Gloomy Lockup - Free Download

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