The Sawmill [30×40]


**The sound of rushing water filled the air as the Sawmills great wooden wheel turned, powering the saw that sliced through towering logs with ease. The scent of fresh sawdust mingled with the damp earthy aroma of the surrounding forest, where loggers toil under the watchful eye of the sawmill’s operator.
The camp bustles with activity, as men loaded wagons with felled trees, tended to the animals that hauled them, and shared stories and laughter around the flickering campfire**

Introducing our latest battlemap, “The Sawmill,” available now for free! This 30×40 map should hopefully prove useful for any encounter that takes place in or around a bustling sawmill. With its intricate details and variety of approaches to the central building, we hope it proves useful for a variety of encounters.
We’ve included light tiles for those working deep into the night. And with sinking logs, you can create a dynamic encounter that will keep your players on their toes. as well as some foreground tiles of the various map elements.
As always this all comes fully integrated into our Foundry Module with all the usual interactive elements you’ve come to expect, free for everyone to try out!

This is a FREE release All variants and Overlay tiles included

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