Pirate Cave [35×25]


“Navigating by moonlight, you manage to find the cave at the base of the cliffs and row your way inside. You spot a few members of the crew further in, just beyond the ramshackle docks, drinking by the flickering lantern light. You grip the oars with white-knuckled determination, hoping they don’t notice you bring the boat to berth in the shadows.”

Pirate Cave is a 35×25 map of a sea cave hideout for a crew of swashbuckling seadogs under their conniving captain.

This map, as usual, comes with a number of tiles to adjust the encounter to your needs and has been set up with walls, lighting, and interactive tiles in our Foundry VTT module.

We hope you enjoy the map and thanks for your continued support!
Free Download

Gridless, High Resolution (200dpi) Versions, Alternative Color Variants and Overlay Tiles available for purchase or by Joining FA_Battlemaps Patreon.

[Foundry Module is Patreon Exclusive]