Infinite Swamp [50×50]


** The deep, murky swamp still waters reflect the gnarled trees reaching for the sky. The hum of insects and calls of swamp birds mingle with the fetid scent of decaying vegetation. The ground squelches underfoot, hiding unknown depths and hidden dangers. In this silent, eerie place, a sense of unease lingers like the mist that clings to the surface. **
We are excited to announce the launch of our latest map, the Infinite Swamps! Divided into four 25×25 maps, it seamlessly joins together to create an endless swamp landscape, perfect for cutting up and using for various random encounters.
Each map comes with three variants: one for night-time encounters, a dead and decaying swamp, and a gore-covered blood swamp.
We hope you enjoy using these maps!

This is a FREE release All variants and Overlay tiles included

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