Highland Ravine [35×23]


**Fierce river rapids cleave there way through the craggy cliffs and rolling hills that stretch across the highland landscape. Peppered with tall pines that reach to the skies.**

Another Encounter map coming in at a massive 35×23 grid size, The Highland Ravines! A ferocious river snakes through the rocky cliffs. A fallen tree the only way to make the precarious crossing. The log crossing and varying trees and heights should hopefully provide an interesting random encounter for your adventures!

As usual we’ve included a few tiles to add some variation to the encounter. At the base of the cliffs a cavern lies across the rapids, perhaps shelter for a cruel monster. Heroes balancing across the fallen tree might find it break away to the river below. While those looking for rest might find comfort with the camp scene, showing of some of our upcoming tents and adventuring gear!

Thanks again for the continued support!
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