Rocky River [40×30]


** The soft current of the water breaks against the river stones, the strong wind shakes the tall grass and sparse bushes, the rarefied mountain air makes you breathe faster and deeper, only a strange sense of danger prevents you from enjoying the beauty of this place **
40×30 Encounter Map, Rocky River! This area is so densely littered with sharp stones that you start to worry about your shoes, not the fact that they will survive this journey. Same as you. A heavy pulling foreboding gnaws at your soul, this strange feeling is at odds with the beauty of this place, but before, your instinct did not let you down and you decide to draw your blade in advance.
A fairly large combat map with a changeable landscape, a great place to ambush or fall into it. We have made some tiles so that you can link your story to this place, for example, the ruins of an ancient tower can hold interesting secrets, but also be the home of a restless spirit. The entrance to the cave can connect this map to any underground map. A fresh corpse in the river and a couple of graves can help introduce a villain or become a key point in your investigation.

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