Roadside Inn [34×28]


** Mugs are filled with ale, and the aroma of pork stew tickles the nostrils, the muffled light of candles creates a cozy twilight and only periodic cries of cheating coming from the gaming table slightly spoil the atmosphere **
34×28 Encounter and story Map, two-storey Roadside Inn! The accusations of cheating are getting more and more violent, a fight is about to begin. However, the innkeeper, taking out a huge club, loudly says – if you want to fight, you will do it in the arena. And at the same moment the tables are turned over, forming a small impromptu arena, two go inside, and the visitors whistle and applaud with joy, they are not against a free spectacle.
This map is great not only for action scenes, but also for storytelling. You can place this tavern on your world in such a way that adventurers come here more than once, it can even be a makeshift base. And a few tiles with dead bodies will allow you to play a detective game in order to find the killer.
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