The Toilet Map [24×25]


**As the nefarious character made his way towards the wooden privy atop a modest hill, he had no inkling that his concerns would soon extend beyond his bodily functions. Unbeknownst to him, a band of valiant adventurers lay in wait, carefully observing his every move. With their weapons brandished and spells at the ready, they were resolute in delivering a brand of justice even this latrine could not withstand.

To the villain’s surprise, the heroes succeeded in breaching the toilet before he could react. In a frenzy, he hastened to pull up his trousers and flee. Alas, fate had a different plan in store for him. With a swift strike, one of the heroes shattered the decrepit boards beneath the villain’s ass cheeks. The resounding splash that ensued reverberated through the hill as the villain found himself waist-deep in sewage, struggling to escape. However, the heroes acted swiftly, and with one final blow, they flushed the villain’s hopes of survival down the drain. Thus, the only remnant of the event atop the hill was the toilet, serving as a somber reminder of the capricious nature of justice in a world of fantasy and adventure.**
Introducing The Toilet!, a 24×25 Encounter Map. Responding to numerous requests for toilets in our other maps, we have created this much-anticipated addition to our collection. We recognize the vital role toilets play in your gaming experience, and we are excited to provide you with this necessary element.
This map boasts a variety of tiles that will enrich your gameplay. Among them, you will discover a tile with a sizable toilet, a tile with a smaller toilet, and a tile featuring an opulent throne-toilet. Furthermore, a magical altar tile is available, although we advise against using it as a toilet – unless, of course, that is your preference.
This map may be used alone or combined with our other maps to add a toilet-themed adventure to your campaign. We trust that you will relish the Toilet Map and its exclusive attributes.

This is a FREE release All variants and Overlay tiles included

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