Wooden Fort [35×35]


As you approach the wooden fort nestled within a grassy clearing, the air is filled with a symphony of sounds. The distant rustling of tall grass and the occasional chirping of birds can be heard, carried by the gentle breeze that sweeps through the area. The stumps of once majestic trees stand as a testament to the fort’s construction, revealing the source of the wood used to build its walls. The creaking of the wooden towers and the fluttering of banners in the breeze create a rhythmic melody.
Inside the fort’s walls, the scent of fresh hay from the small stable mingles with the aroma of hearty meals prepared in the modest kitchen. As you walk past the soldiers’ tents, the earthy smell of leather armor and polished weaponry envelops you. Farther back, the clanging of swords against wooden dummies echoes through the training grounds, where warriors hone their skills.

Amidst the tranquil beauty of nature, the fort stands as a testament to human resilience, its sturdy presence harmonizing with the world around it. The place hums with activity, a lively bastion in the midst of the wilderness, offering shelter, sustenance, and a sense of camaraderie to those within its protective embrace.

35×35 Encounter map, Wooden Fort. This map can prove to be highly valuable for any collection due to its countless potential stories that you can bring to life. To expand your arsenal, we have created several additional tiles, giving the map two versions – a freshly constructed one and an ancient, abandoned version. For both versions, you can clear the interior space, leaving only bare earth. Additionally, the back wall of the fort can be destroyed, creating a breach in the defenses. On the front, you have the option to add gate tiles and open gate tiles if you need to conduct actions on the lower level.

We hope you enjoy the map!

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