Mountain Outpost [32×35]



**As you journey along the perilous mountain road, towering cliffs loom over you, casting deep shadows upon the rugged terrain. The winding path leads you higher and higher into the rocky peaks, and eventually, you encounter a small but formidable fortress that bars your way.

Thick, sturdy walls with battlements and arrow slits suggest a well-fortified garrison within , guards stationed on the walls eye you with suspicion and wariness. The gate is firmly shut, blocking your path and leaving you with no other option but to negotiate your way past the gate. However, the guards seem to be in no mood for conversation, their weapons at the ready and their postures tense and ready for action.**

Introducing the Mountain Outpost [32×35] Battlemap! The open gates and light tiles offer plenty of strategic opportunities for players to utilize. Additionally, the second floor of the fortress wall is accessible, which could prove useful for both combat and siege scenarios.
If you’re looking for a change of pace, you can remove the fortress tile and transform the area into a wilderness, allowing players to explore the mountains and potentially encounter all sorts of creatures that call the area home.

Whether your party is looking for a more traditional fortress encounter or a chance to explore the great outdoors, the Mountain Outpost provides a thrilling adventure for any D&D group.

We hope you enjoy the map!

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