Viking Meadhall [27×35]


“The doors of the great meadhall swing open before you, and you are immediately met with a cheer from within as the dozens gathered inside raise their tankards in celebration.”

The Viking Meadhall is a 27×35 map of a Norse-inspired longhouse, fit for feasting, fighting, or whatever the occasion requires!

This map comes with a number of tiles to tailor the encounter to your needs, and has been set up with walls, lighting, and interactive elements for our Foundry VTT module.

We hope you enjoy the map!

Squire ($5 Tier) Rewards Knight ($10 Tier) Rewards Battlesmith ($15 Tier) Rewards - Foundry Module Free Download

Gridless, High Resolution (200dpi) Versions, Alternative Color Variants and Overlay Tiles available for purchase or by Joining FA_Battlemaps Patreon.
[Foundry Module is Patreon Exclusive]