Woodland Hamlet [25×28]


**An eery silence hangs heavy in the air, woven into the swirling mists that surround this small woodland settlement. As you approach, a shape begins to take form through the fog – a gallows, its noose yet unburdened, a grim monument presiding over a harrowing scene.**

Woodland Hamlet is a 25×28 map of a small woodland settlement where something has gone horrifically awry, and death is abound.

This map, as usual, comes with a number of tiles to adjust the encounter to your needs, and has been set up with walls, lighting, and interactive tiles in our Foundry VTT module, but it also comes with a moody color variant!

We hope you enjoy!

Squire ($5 Tier) Woodland Hamlet Classic Squire ($5 Tier) Woodland Hamlet Eerie Knight ($10 Tier) Woodland Hamlet Classic Knight ($10 Tier) Woodland Hamlet Eerie Battlesmith ($15 Tier) Rewards - Foundry Module Free Download

Gridless, High Resolution (200dpi) Versions, Alternative Color Variants and Overlay Tiles available for purchase or by Joining FA_Battlemaps Patreon.
[Foundry Module is Patreon Exclusive]