Sanguine Sanctum [38×39]


“In a vast, grim expanse, you tread cautiously, immediately overwhelmed by the unsettling spectacle. The air is dense with the metallic scent of blood, so potent it lingers in the throat. The relentless gurgle of crimson rivers, flowing through aqueducts, fills the space. These channels, brimming with endless blood, weave across the terrain, feeding into vast reservoirs at the area’s edges. The sight is as unnerving as it is mesmerizing.
From four directions, magical red lightning strikes the arena, crackling with a terrifying energy fueled by the blood’s unknown power. The sound of these arcane bolts is a constant, unnerving hum, punctuated by sharp cracks that make your’ hair stand on end.
The air is charged with a palpable energy, sending shivers down their spines. With each step, you feel the ground pulsing with the energy of flowing blood and arcane forces, enveloping you in a mix of dread and awe.

38×39 Encounter Map: Sanguine Sanctum!
We have prepared for you light sources located along the edges of the arena as tiles. You can also hide crystals and magical devices using special tiles. Or you can activate them with lightning bolts that will transfer the energy of the blood directly to the arena. Moreover, if a retreat route or reinforcement path is required, a secret passage tile can be integrated at the top center of the layout.

We hope you enjoy the map and thanks for your continued support!
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