Mountain Ruins [29×23]


**Sounds of crumbling stones echo from high cliffs, three lonely houses with collapsed roofs appear before your eyes, only mountain wind whistles through broken windows. Perhaps there is something valuable inside, but first you need to complete the task for which you came here **

29×23 Encounter Map, Mountain Ruins! Climbing up to the ledge, you notice the entrance to the mine, now abandoned, and because of what it has become abandoned, it also sees you coming out, get ready for battle.
A cave in a large rock can be collapsed or turned into a mine, to the mine you can add a large crane that allows you to lower loads from the ledge. Ruins of buildings can be completely removed or replaced with a large camp. Also a large rock ledge can be removed to make the terrain level, however the camp tile only works in conjunction with a rock ledge.

Squire ($5 Tier) Rewards Knight ($10 Tier) Rewards Battlesmith ($15 Tier) Rewards - Foundry Module Free Download

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