Hilltop House [30×29]


**Amidst the green tapestry of hills, rising above the world, rests the “Hilltop House” – a small, cozy abode radiating wealth and warmth. Here, atop this pinnacle of the world, the scents of grass and flowers enchant the soul with their sweetness, creating an enveloping aroma that travels on the gentle breeze.

And next to the house, in the shade of three majestic apple trees, a harvest has ripened – apples, like drops of gold, glisten on the branches. Their sweet fragrance mingles with the scents of flowers, filling the air with an invisible nectarous haze. In this place, atop the hill, time flows more slowly, yielding to the magic of the moment, creating the sensation that nature itself sings a song of life.**

30×29 Story and encounter Map, Hilltop House! This map boasts an abundance of diverse tiles that can dramatically twist your narrative. Firstly, you can clear the hill of human presence, filling it only with emerald grass. At the heart of this hill, you can raise a majestic tree or its remnants in the form of a stump. Speaking of the house, you can turn the kitchen of this quaint mansion into a cannibal’s feast. Yet, true secrets unfold in the basement of the house. Initially, you can completely remove or conceal the basement door.

However, if it is discovered, you can employ tiles for large and small basements, which appear quite ordinary (also with empty variants). Nevertheless, the small basement might hold a secret, a hidden door leading to another room. There, you may uncover traces of a horrific bloody ritual or a laboratory of a mad scientist who crafted a planetary system within their basement. Alternatively, you can opt for an empty version of the secret room and place within it whatever you desire.

We hope you enjoy the maps!

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