Mine Complex [48×83]


“As you approach the entrance of the old mine, the air grows thick with the scent of damp earth and ancient stone. The crackling of the campfire greets your ears, accompanied by the rhythmic thud of an axe biting into wood nearby. Strewn about the camp are piles of rocks, remnants of the laborious efforts to clear the mine’s entrance.

Ahead lies the dark maw of the mine, its depths shrouded in mystery. With each step closer, the echoes of distant drips and the faint whisper of shifting earth hint at the secrets buried within its labyrinthine tunnels.”

Huge 48×83 Encounter Map which can be divided into three regular: Mine Complex.
We’ve prepared several tiles that can alter the environment for you. For instance, there are two collapse tiles that could potentially trap players inside. Alternatively, there are tiles designed to remove ore from the map if you wish to designate this mine as depleted

Additionally, there’s a tile featuring a barrier with a sign on it, ominously written in red: “Run Away”. Surely, that couldn’t mean anything bad, right? If you need additional passages, we can create one more using one of the tiles, but be cautious, as the ground near this area may collapse into a chasm.

We hope you enjoy the map and thanks for your continued support!
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