Smuggler’s Hideout [30×41]


**Beneath the city’s bustling streets, a realm hidden in shadows emerges—a den of thieves nestled in the sewers, where secrets whisper through its damp corridors. Flickering torchlight casts eerie silhouettes upon dank walls. Here, amidst the echoes of dripping water and stolen riches, the guild’s masterminds gather, their faces obscured by masks, to orchestrate their intricate web of illicit schemes and silent heists.**
Introducing our new map, ‘The Smuggler’s Lair’, measuring 30×41. It features multiple routes and secret entrances that lead to a grand cavern and a dock, perfect for smuggling goods. Whether you are planning your own illicit activities or orchestrating a bust against a clandestine operation beneath the city, this map will serve as an ideal base of operations.
We have included a variety of different tiles, such as secret doors connecting the sewers and cellars, as well as hidden treasures behind bookcases. The bridges leading to the dock can be sabotaged or may collapse during intense battles, adding dynamic elements to your encounters. Moreover, a wide array of lighting tiles allows you to customise the base according to your preferences.
For those on Knight tier and above, we have also included a version of the map without decorations, allowing you to design the base with our assets as you see fit!
We hope you enjoy the map, and thank you for your continued support!
Squire ($5 Tier) Rewards Knight ($10 Tier) JPG Rewards Knight ($10 Tier) Webp Rewards Battlesmith ($15 Tier) Rewards - Foundry Module Free Download

Gridless, High Resolution (200dpi) Versions, Alternative Color Variants and Overlay Tiles available for purchase or by Joining FA_Battlemaps Patreon.
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