Residential Nook [26×30]


“Welcome to the Residential Nook, a quiet respite hidden amidst winding alleyways, far from the city’s crowded main streets. The earthy aroma of damp soil clings to the air, bearing notes of moss and aged stone, and its delightful atmosphere is punctuated by the sounds of distant voices and occasional footfall.
This enchanting quarter is firmly rooted in the past and present, its vibrant tapestry flourishing in its secluded little corner of the city.”

A 26×30 Story and Encounter Map, the Residential Nook features a central cottage with a removable roof tile, allowing you to hide the interior if you deem it unnecessary or wish to stage a rooftop battle. We’ve also provided the stone fencing and the well as removable tiles to expand your play area or create new tactical opportunities for combat.
Customize and adapt the map to suit your adventure’s needs, and make your combat and social encounters diverse and engaging!

We hope you enjoy the map and thanks for your continued support!
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