Temple of True Gods [28×39]


**As you step into the lush greenery of the jungle, the cacophony of chirping insects and rustling leaves envelops you in a symphony of nature’s whispers. Towering ferns and mushrooms create an otherworldly ambiance, while shafts of sunlight pierce through the dense canopy, illuminating patches of vibrant foliage. In the heart of a sprawling clearing, lies a partially ruined temple, its weathered columns reaching towards the heavens.

As you venture inside, a sense of awe washes over you at the sight of a colossal statue crafted from pure gold, its form resembling a twenty-sided cube. A profound realization settles within you, as if this statue holds the threads of destiny itself, weaving the tapestry of your life from birth to death. It dawns upon you that before you stands a temple dedicated to the true gods, guardians of the cosmic balance.**

28×39 Encounter Map Temple Of True Gods.
This map is specially made as an homage to April Fools’ Day, offering you and your players a whimsical session. However, with the use of tiles, this map can seamlessly transform into a typical semi-ruined temple, where all statues are replaced with more conventional ones.

Additionally, there are several supplementary tiles available; for instance, you can hide skeletons in the upper-left corner, remove a pile of silver coins, or clear items from the altars. And of course, there’s a tile for the quacken, disguising it as an ordinary duck, allowing you to maintain the intrigue.

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