Alchemist Guild Store [31×30]


**As you step into the Alchemist Guild’s shop, a medley of scents fills the air – dried herbs, simmering potions, and exotic spices. Shelves hold colorful vials and jars, enchanted crystals softly illuminate the room. A robed alchemist behind the counter measures ingredients with precision, glass clinking.
Beyond the shop, a heavy door leads to the bustling laboratory. Glassware clinks, fires crackle, and steam hisses as alchemists work amid shelves of reagents. Did you know why alchemist labs have thick walls, lightweight roofs, and no windows? I hope you never find out.**

31×30 Encounter and story map, Alchemist Guild Store. The map offers a diverse selection of lighting tiles, ideal for illuminating the windowless laboratory. Various light sources are at your disposal, each casting a unique hue to brighten the workspace. Among these options, you’ll discover tiles showcasing active magical circles that emit an eerie, pale green glow, lending an otherworldly atmosphere to the setting.

Beyond the laboratory’s confines, there’s a tile featuring a mysterious tunnel, which burrows into the earth, hinting at the potential for surprising entrances or exits. Additionally, there’s a wall breach tile, allowing for dramatic moments of intrusion or escape.

Lastly, there’s a distinctive tile depicting a massive, pulsating mound of flesh. This grotesque sight may have arisen from a botched experiment and could serve not only as a tile but also as a token, enabling immersive and unsettling encounters within the laboratory.

We hope you enjoy the map!

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