Jungle Shrine [21×27]


**Nestled deep in the jungle, sunbeams filter through the leaves upon the broken remains of a shrine dominated by a stone Naga. Vines and creepers drape the broken pillars, but despite the ruins, a sense of reverence still lingers in the air. The snake’s stone gaze remains unwavering, as if guarded by the spirits of the jungle.**
Introducing the Jungle Shrine Battlemap! A 21×27 map filled with adventure and excitement. Explore the ancient ruins of a forgotten shrine, deep in the heart of the jungle!
The map comes with several variants, including a jungle trail and clearing. And with the map tiles, you can further customize your gaming experience. Add a deep, dark pit to launch your enemies down or try the gore-covered version with monstrous creatures lurking below.
Explore the dinosaur feeding grounds where the mighty beasts roam in search of their next meal. Tackle the ginormous pollen-spouting flower with its thorny vines threatening to grapple the adventurers. Hidden spiked pit traps also lie on the jungle-choked trail.
Perfect for use with any jungle adventure, we hope the Battlemap provides an exciting encounter!
Squire ($5 Tier) Rewards Knight ($10 Tier) Rewards Battlesmith ($15 Tier) Rewards - Foundry Module Free Download

Gridless, High Resolution (200dpi) Versions, Alternative Color Variants and Overlay Tiles available for purchase or by Joining FA_Battlemaps Patreon.
[Foundry Module is Patreon Exclusive]