Desolate Cellblock [29×40]


As you step into the desolate prison, the air grows heavy with the musty scent of dampness and decay. The faint drip of water echoes through the corridor, harmonizing with the creaking of rusted chains swinging lazily from the ceiling. The walls, adorned with faded runes and sinister symbols, seem to murmur tales of long-forgotten torment. Moss-covered stones underfoot emit a damp squelch with each step, and skeletal remains, picked clean by time, lay scattered like forgotten memories.

Some cells, their doors torn from hinges, expose darkness within, while others remain locked. The unmistakable tang of rust lingers in the air as your gaze falls upon a once-used iron maiden, now coated in a patina of decay, a macabre testament to the prison’s grisly past. The spectral whispers of distant cries and the metallic resonance of long-forgotten screams surround you, creating an eerie symphony that speaks of the prison’s haunting legacy.

29×40 Encounter Map – Desolate Cellblock. It’s the first of several maps under a single prison theme that we are going to release in the near future. The map features a variety of tiles to dynamically alter its state. Numerous tiles represent undamaged prison walls, allowing the option to restore them to an intact state or inflict further destruction.

Additionally, interactive tiles enable the lighting of candles around a statue, casting an eerie glow and transforming the ambiance. A versatile tile at the bottom of the map serves to close off a passage, converting an accessible prison block into a sealed enclosure. These tiles provide a toolkit for precise control over the map’s visual and functional elements, allowing for nuanced storytelling and gameplay customization.

We hope you enjoy the map and thanks for your continued support!

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