FA Mapmaking Contest

<<  September- 2020  >>

Theme:  Gateway!

We revised the judging process a little bit as we are getting more and more submissions and it’s getting harder and harder to choose the winners πŸ™‚ 
So the process now is that we pick top 6 out of all the submissions and then we have 10+ judges rank the selected 6 maps  from best to “worst”, basically a point system ^^ 
Judges are 3 of us from FA (Stryx, Grace, Khaz) + Winners from the last competition and/or others chosen at random – some of our players, relatives etc. 

Hopefully this way the results are objective and unbiased πŸ™‚

As always Thank you to everyone who participated and Congratulations to our Winners!

ALL maps that were submitted and followed the rules for this contest can be found below πŸ™‚  We would like to Reward as many people as possible, Submissions by the Winners from the LAST month’s Contest were not Judged. 

Thank you all for participating! And we hope to see you in the Next Contest that we are prepping!

Runner Ups