Forgotten Adventures Giveaways

Giveaway Information

Hello everyone! 

We plan on hosting Giveaways from now on! 

They’ll all appear on this page, so make sure to check in once in a while so you wont miss if we have something new going on! ^_^ 

Active giveaway can be always seen on the left & right side and you can
participate directly on this page.  If you cant see an active giveaway on this page, that means we don’t have a giveaway open right now 🙂

You DON’T HAVE TO BE A PATRON to enter the giveaways.
These are free to enter for everyone – so please share them with your friends!

Winners will be drawn at random from all the entries, If you win, you’ll get an email from us, You’ll have to reply to that email within 24 hours to claim your reward, this is to prevent bots and throwaway accounts from claiming the prizes. So please check your Spam folder after the giveaways end! ^_^

We will try to have some varied prizes, they are going to be mostly related to Tabletop RPGs and Mapmaking, but some other stuff might appear as well,such as Video Game or Software License keys.

If you have some ideas for what we could include as a prize or if you would like to donate something as a prize for a giveaway, please contact me through Discord (Stryxin#7572) or the Contact Form.

We are also hosting Monthly Mapmaking Contests! 

Check out some awesome maps made by our community from previous contests.
And maybe join in on the fun next time!