FA Mapmaking Contest

<<  November – 2019 

We did it! or rather You did it! 

First of all, I would like to Thank Everyone that decided to participate  and send a submission for our “First” Mapmaking Contest,  You guys exceeded our expectations in both quality and quantity of your battlemaps.

The Battlemaps were judged by the from both the visual and gameplay point of view and You certainly didn’t make it easy for us to only choose 3 Winners, but after a lot of consideration we agreed on our favourites ^^

So Without further ado, Congratulations to our Winners! for you and everyone else, we hope that you’ll join our future contests!

Congratulations Jakub!!

You can tell at first glance that there was a lot of work and care put into this map, the amount of detail present is very impressive, not a single section feels empty.

The more you look at it the more details you can find, this map would work great for both a battle encounter or exploration.

Congratulations Mark!!

We think that Cult of Ascension was the best overall submission. 
The overall layout is intriguing and would definitely be a lot of fun to explore with all the different rooms and a very handy GM note/layout on the side.

But what pushed this map to the top is a very well executed lighting!

Congratulations aPixelPerfectionist!!

Great use of ground textures, assets and tiles, everything seems to fit into place just right and nothing seems out of place. 

The Design of the church seems very believable but would also be a very great place for a combat encouter with all the pillars , alcoves and benches to hide behind, with enough space to move around as well.

Some of the other impressive maps that were submitted for this contest can be found below 🙂 

Thank you all for participating! And we hope to see you in the Next Contest that we are preping for December!

Runner Ups