Forgotten Adventures is Hiring!

We are a small team of creators that produce assets, tokens, textures, battlemaps and other resources for use in Virtual Tabletop RPGs. You can see more of our work Here and learn more about us Here. We are looking for a freelance artist to join our team, so that we can produce even more amazing content!

We have a large body of existing work, and it is very important to us that all of our content looks cohesive. As such we are looking for an artist who can mimic the existing Forgotten Adventures art style. 

Please check out our Styleguide to see how our Assets are created Step-by-Step.

The Position

We are looking for an artist who meets the following criteria:

    • Can create assets, tokens, textures, and/or battlemaps in the Forgotten Adventures style
    • Can work in Clip Studio Paint
    • Can produce at least one Patreon pack worth of content a month (see New Releases below for “pack” examples)
    • Have or be willing to create a Discord account for intra-team communication


Forgotten Adventures is a Patreon business. The non-salaried position pays ~12% of total monthly Patreon earnings. Patreon earnings are based on monthly pledges from our Patreon Supporters, therefore pay varies.
Currently you could expect an approximate income around ~$900 per month.

Because FA is set up as a company in Slovakia, this means we cant really “employ” people from other countries. You would have to be a freelancer on paper and we would β€œhire” you each month – you will have to be able to send us invoices. 

Please only apply if you understand and agree to be compensated in this way.

How to Apply

If you are interesting in applying for this position please fill out the Application Form below.

Or send us an email at [email protected]
Add a brief description of who you are and attach or link examples of your art mimicking FA Artstyle.

If you have a resume and/or portfolio you would like to send us, feel free to include that too.


We received a lot of applications which ignored our criteria above –

    • Ability to work in Clip Studio Paint.
    • Ability to create assets, tokens, textures, and/or battlemaps in the Forgotten Adventures style & Attach or link examples of your art mimicking FA Artstyle!

Majority of  applications we received unfortunately didn’t contain any examples mimicking our artstyle.

To further clarify what we are lookin for:

We are looking for a “perfect fit”; someone who would be ready to go from day 1.  We do not want to go through any extensive training periods. We are a small team where each individual has a lot of creative control, so we are looking for a partner, not an employee. Because of this, we are also looking for someone who is interested in doing this long-term.

Like mentioned on our hiring page, we do all of our art and maps in CSP. Therefor our new hire must be proficient with the software and prepared to create all work in CSP, as we also share the “Clip” files with our higher tier patrons.

We cant fully evaluate your application unless it contains examples of art mimicking FA Style. Consistency is very important to us so your assets should be pretty much indistinguishable from our existing ones.

Most of applicants claimed to be confident in ability to recreate the style, but we need to rely on “hard evidence” as we unfortunately didn’t have a great experience with similar claims in the past.

We recently released a poll about future long term FA projects. The most voted for project was overland mapping assets. This is a future project, and as of right now we have not nailed down what the style for these will be. If you have experience or interest in overland assets you can also include examples of such in your application in addition to the standard requirements.

I hope this reasoning makes sense, we take this process very seriously and want to find the right person for the job!

That’s why we are in no rush to fill this position, please only Apply if you understand and agree with the points made above πŸ™‚

Thank you!

Application Form