Clip Studio Paint Experience
Digital Drawing (Pen Tablet) Experience
Image Editing Experience
Forgotten Adventures Library/Content familiarity
Creativity and thinking outside the box

$1000/Month (Monthly Invoice)

Position expectations:
Creativity and ability to create: new Prefabs, new unique assets by “Kitbashing” existing assets, and Promotional Dioramas for our Battlemaps featuring our Tokens in interesting situations. 

This will require experience with layer masking, layer manipulation and editing, composition, color correction, and digital drawing/painting for any necessary linework touchups, shading and lighting.  

All work has to be done in CSP (Clip Studio Paint) which is our software of choice, to ensure we can share and use all the files internally. 

All work has to fit seamlessly with our existing library of assets, tokens and battlemaps, and in general meet all our quality standards.

Prefabs details:
Prefabs are hand-crafted standalone objects/assets of various pre-arranged pieces that are designed to speed up the mapmaking process, but also inspire and showcase how our assets can be combined and used in interesting ways.

The process requires extra shading, ambient occlusion and potentially some layer masking/drawing touchups.

So far in our “Prefabs” packs we’ve released various clutter, tables and storage arrangements, as well as filled carts, crates, and boxes.

Expectations here would be to create more content in the same vein, and come up with interesting new arrangements of assets that we’ve not done before that would be useful for our community. Prefabs have to be standalone and versatile so they can be used in various maps and situations.

When dealing with clutter arrangements, the “base”, like tables they are supposed to be sitting on etc., should not be included in the exports.

Try to avoid “third wheel” assets in the prefabs. For example if you have an arrangement of urns, sacks etc that are all touching/close to each other, including an asset that is standing a bit further from the rest and is not interacting with anything else in this prefab would limit its usability/versatility.

Examples of potential Prefabs from our Battlemaps:

Kitbashing details:
Kitbashing is a process of creating new unique standalone assets by combining existing assets, or their parts/pieces, from our library. This is usually done with the help of layer masking, extra shading, and linework/detail touch ups where necessary.

This is very dependent on creativity and what you can come up with.

Some examples could include: fences, fancy beds, bridges, floor ornaments from textures etc.

Example Kitbash of a simple fallen over Shelf made out of 4 existing assets (3 plank variants and a hinge):

Dioramas details:
These are small “scenes” used to showcase/promote our content. Created by placing our tokens in interesting situations on our battlemaps with some extra post processing like lighting, color correction, and potentially some visual effects.

 Examples of Dioramas:

If you are interested in the position, please reach out to
[email protected] with a couple of examples from each category included.

Creativity is as important as execution here, so please try to come up with your own prefab and kitbash ideas instead of relying on the mentioned/showcased examples above. You can include a small list of ideas alongside your examples too.

We are looking forward to seeing your creations!