Dungeondraft Integration


This integration aims to completely replace the default Artstyle of Dungeondraft with our own.

Starter pack is for everyone that wants to test it out for themselves for free first before pledging as the complete integration is Patron Only, it contains a little bit of everything so you can test out couple of walls, paths, floors, terrain textures and objects ^_^  

Everything is separated into 7 packs(not counting Starter Pack), so it’s easier to update down the line, and you can not load Tile Sets or Winter for example if you know you are not going to need it for a map.

All these packs combined contain: 

  • 3500+ objects – All categorized with tags and many recolorable
  • 200+ terrain textures/floors 
  • 35+ walls 
  • 70+ “paths” (cliffs, footprints, palisades,  etc.)

If you are interested to see how these work, here is a video showcasing the creation of 4 example maps.

Starter Pack - Free Download
Complete Integration (Patron Only)